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Thank you Michele (MB Home Styling) for the nursery of my dreams! I MAY or may not have slept on the floor in it more than once when we first put Ryen in her crib. (oops) Also a special shoutout to Oilo Studio for the most chic, comfy nursery chair. You can use code Shanna100 for $100 off any Oilo studio chair, and code Shanna20 for $20 off all bedding! PS enable your javascript on your device to be able to use all the shopable links below. 

I told Michele that I am so not a "girlie" person. I always knew there was no way my daughter would be a tutus and bows kind of girl, so when we went through the different mock ups and mood boards for her room, we wanted it to feel peaceful, calm, and a little bit feminine. We now spend so much time in there, pretty much more than any other room in the house.  I'd say she nailed it...

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THANK YOU MB Home Styling for the Nursery of my dreams! You can contact her {here}  ! Photography by Jessica Pernikoff Photography


Ryen Mae

Yesterday was such a special day! We were going to keep it to just family, but then decided to just invite a few of mine and Jeff's close friends. PLEASE know that if we made it a bigger event, everyone would've been included. A special shoutout to Platinum Events {here) for the amazing decor, and Alli Schwartz of HardKore cakes for the most amazing cake in history {here}. You can also follow them on Instagram @platinumevent and @hardkorecakes

I included my husbands speech a little further down to explain who Ryen is named after (and a photo of Ryan Rosman at the bottom)

Jeff: "When everyone asks us if she’s an easy baby, if we’re getting sleep, if we’re hanging In there, or if we can believe how much our day to days live have changed ... we’ve found ourselves lying to almost everyone. Our doctor told us that telling people how she never cries and slept through the night starting at just a few weeks old is not a good way to make new friends. 

Although I’d love to think it was luck or simply mine and Shanna’s easy going personalities (just kidding) that made her this great of a baby, I can’t help but chalk it up to the amazing people she was named after who she constantly has watching over her. 

My cousin Ryan Rosman was 5 years younger than me, and the little brother I never had. Although he passed away too young, when he was only 19 years old, we formed a relationship that would last a life time. Ryan was caring, smart, thoughtful, kind and nature beyond his years.... all traits I hope to be passed down to my daughter. Ryan looked up to me, following my footsteps of detailing cars, working at the local golf store, and he even went on to attend Michigan state university. As much as he looked up to me, I looked up to him just as much. I miss him everyday but am so thankful that his amazing attributes will live on in our daughter. 

Her middle name, Mae is named after my papa milt. He passed away when shanna was 8 weeks pregnant and I unfortunately never got the chance to tell him about his great grandaughter. He was the most thoughtful and generous person. If any of the grandkids mentioned a gadget we wanted it would show up at our door the next day, and that was long before amazon prime existed. 

I hope to make My cousin and papa proud with the person Ryen becomes"

Photography by Suzanne Brown {here}

Ryan Rosman 

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