How To: Build-a-bar

Having graduated from Indiana University, I never really had to work hard to prepare, find, or consume alcohol. Any fellow alum would strongly support that statement. Now that liquor holds a new purpose in the life of a twenty-something, I decided I would build-a-bar for my new apartment that didn't resemble the college-crafted ones carefully designed to encourage freshman girls to make poor decisions. Disclaimer: I am not the worlds biggest drinker, and reading this post may or may not be equivalent to taking sex advice from Tim Tebow. 

 {Accessories are a crucial part to any successful bar. Make sure to have a bottle opener, a cocktail shakerice-cube holder, and a muddler. Make sure to have a cutting board near by to prepare any fruits, cheeses, etc. You will also need a variety of glasses depending on your beverage of choice such as: highball glasses, rock glasses, snifters, shot glasses, champagne flutes, red and white wine glasses, collins glasses, and martini glasses}

{Every bar must include a 'safety equipment section'. However, when hosting, you can turn this into a safety table that encourages drinking and helps those bad shots go down. This includes products such as Vermouth, Lemons, Limes, Tonic Water, Simple Syrup, Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice, Cherries, or even small candies for your guests to snack on}

{There are some basic necessities to every successful bar: Whiskey, A blended Scotch, and a single malt Scotch, Gin, two bottles of Burbon- One such as Makers Mark for daily drinking/and another bottle such as Pappy Van winkle for special occasions, two kinds of Vodka are necessary: one for mixing and one for the straight vodka drinkers, two Tequilas- one silver and one anejo, and one Rum. Every bar also needs to include champagne, Red & White wine, and assorted Beers}

Check out Chicago's best new line of Vodka to hit the market: Next Star Vodka- A craft vodka that's second to none

{White Wine Sangria} 
Bottoms up! 

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