How to get natural looking waves

This post is dedicated to those of you who every time you try to wear your hair wavy end up looking like you are going to Sammy Johnson's bar mitzvah party. For natural, adult looking waves, feel free to read below..

1. After showering, shampooing and conditioning, squeeze the excess water out of your hair entirely

2. Middle part it and brush out all the way through

3. Wait 45-60 minutes for your hair to be just "damp". Then put your hair in a low braid

4. Spray the top and bottom of your braid lightly with hairspray

5. Go to sleep, wake up in the morning, take out your braid, flip your head over a few times and spray gently again with hairspray, then using a flat iron straighten the very bottom of your hair to give length to the waves. Then take a weird selfie and know nobody can make fun of you for it because you have awesome looking waves!!


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