"A Moment Like This" - In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School

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This week, nearly everything I have done has made me feel physically sick to my stomach. Every Cinnamon Crunch cereal bowl I ate, walk I took my dog on, every "I love You" I said, shower I took, TV show I watched, nail I painted, etc., was something that 20 innocent children would never be able to do again. They will never be able to have their first kiss, get their heart broken, have their parents take pictures of them as they walk down the stairs ready for their first school dance, learn how to drive a car, see a rated R movie, have their first legal drink, graduate high school, hangup their cell phone on someone making them mad; I guess the list could go on forever. They never even had the chance to make a bad decision. These kids were truly as innocent as humans could ever be. Twenty kids woke up the morning of Friday December 14th excited to make ginger bread houses at school. They got dressed, had breakfast, watched TV, kissed their dogs goodbye, and got in what seemed like a regular ride to school with one of their parents. Their parents said "have a good day at school, I love you see you in a few hours" just like they had every other day of the year. Except, that wasn't going to be the case this time. In just moments after that first bell ring, their lives would be taken from them in arguably the most awful, inhumane way. The mom that was at the gym, the dad that was on a business call, within seconds was about to have their world turned upside down. 

After every tragedy we are all guilty of putting things in perspective for about 3-7 days, and then are back to yelling at our kids for not cleaning their room, hanging up on your loyal, caring boyfriend for saying the wrong thing in the most innocent and accidental way, stressing about school, jobs, a boy that isn't calling us back, a girl that started a rumor about us, etc. These 20 kids would give anything and everything to have as bad of a day as you think you're having right now. They would give anything to be dumped, get an F on their Biology test, not get into the school they wanted, get in to a fight with their friends, have a case of mono, break their arm, or have a bad hair day. 

As you're watching the first snow fall this year, as you're either celebrating Christmas or seeing a movie and having Chinese food, traveling to see your loved ones, sipping hot chocolate, etc., remember that there are 20 children who are not where they should be at that exact moment. Remember as you get in to bed tonight there are 20 children not being tucked in by their parents. If this isn't enough to make us stop and think about the things that are important in life, then nothing ever will be. We should truly begin to spend everyday doing what we would do as if it were our last, and being with who we would want to be as if it were our last. Life is too short to spend any time unhappy, settling, or away from those that matter most. 


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