Happy New Year!!

       {Pic C/O Glamour Magazine 2011}

Thank you to everyone who sent in their New Years resolution! I think you will enjoy what everyone has to say. If you don't see your exact resolution on here it's probably because I generalized it into one of the other categories, but you are still equally as eligible to win the New Years Gift Card! These resolutions came from a wide range of people, places, age groups, genders, etc. I hope everyone is very safe tonight and has a happy healthy New Year! As Oprah said "Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right."

* Have a perfectly flat stomach                                                       
* Eat healthier
* Start to let the small things go
* Be easier on the people I love
* Work out more
* Spend more time with my family
* Spend more time with my friends
* Allow my boyfriend more 'boys nights out' 
* Stop getting so jealous when my girlfriend goes out with her friends
* Adopt a dog
* Find a new job
* Find the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with
* Never take off my wedding ring
* Organize my house
* Cook more
* Drink less
* Quit smoking
* Get accepted to a good college
* Make the dance team
* Find a new hobby 
* Start a new TV show 
* Spend less time on my phone
* Spend less time on social media
* Have a baby
* Make up with an old friend
* Propose to my girlfriend
* See more movies
* Swear less
* Stop taking things for granted
* Appreciate the little things
* Take nothing for granted
* Be the person my dog thinks I am
* Dye my hair a different color

WELCOME 2013! 


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