Homemade Bloody Marys

It's official. My typical Saturday and Sunday morning brunch drink (orange juice) has now been replaced with bloody mary's. It took me so long to come around to this famous drink, however, now that I've learned the ingredients are interchangeable, I am a lot more comfortable with it. For example, while many people favor the olives, that is one ingredient I could go without. It's only Tuesday and I am already looking forward to ordering my drink at brunch this weekend...oh boy, on that note...

--vodka (3 parts juice to 1 part vodka, or more to ease the hangover!)
--tomato juice (or Bloody Mary mix of your choice)
--worcestershire sauce (just a dash or two 1/8 tsp)
--celery salt (or sea salt)
--ground pepper
--1/2 oz lemon/ lime juice

-Olives (mostly seen stacked on a shortened "shish kabob" type stick in the drink"
* For spice - horseradish, pepper, tabasco sauce


  1. MMMM....I'm coming to brunch.


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