How to: Brighten Eyes

I'm all for being completely natural during the week, meaning no bronzer/face makeup whatsoever Sunday-Thursday, however, there are certain times when my eyes need to be revived from the dead. I have a very quick and simple routine in the morning to brighten my eyes. It also makes them appear wider and brighter (Mila Kunis style). The first thing I do is use under eye concealer (normally just one from Walgreens or CVS because they tend to have the lightest ingredients in them). I dot the concealer around my eyes and then very gently blend it. It is so important to be gentle and light when working around the eyes- that is where we have the most sensitive skin. 

Next I take Almay's eye highlighter + illuminator, and highlight the inner corner of my eyes closest to my nose. The last thing I do most people laugh at, but it makes my lashes look long and thick so I will not stop! I use three different mascaras, all serving a different purpose. I use Bobbi Brown's mascara for length and separation of my lashes, and two different Maybellines: one for volume and one for darker and fuller looking lashes. When your eyes pop you don't need any face make up or eye-liner. It also instantly gives you a very fresh-faced look! xx 


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