How To: Daytime casual side braid

I've decided that the days of me blow drying and straightening my hair have now officially been reduced to Friday and Saturday night. One of my favorite ways to casually wear my hair while successfully keeping it out of my face is in a side braid. I start by middle parting my hair, then braiding it leaning towards the left side of my face. I stop the braid a little shorter than you'd think to allow my hair to still look long and fall naturally. I then straighten the tip of the braid pulling the hair down to lengthen it. The best part of this style is that when I take it out after a few hours my hair falls in to natural looking waves. {Click here to see my favorite straightener, which I am using in this post}


  1. This is random, but where did you get your towel wrap?

  2. not weird at all!! from royal appointments: http://www.royalappointmentsonline.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=36&products_id=415&osCsid=c0a8f5eaa01aac2a24b1160ad458f8f9

    Hope this helps!


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