11 things you should never stop doing once you are in a long term relationship

I don't care how knee-deep in monogamy you are, there are certain things that you should never stop doing. For those of you that are single, use this as mistakes to avoid when you are in a relationship. Since I am certainly no relationship expert (anyone I've dated since 6th grade could probably attest to that) feel free to add in anything I forgot in the comments section below!

1. Never stop complimenting each other: You assume your girl wakes up everyday feeling like she is a Victoria's Secret angel. So unless she actually is one and your name is Tom Brady or Orlando Bloom...make sure you tell her quite often just how beautiful you think she is.

2. Don't let yourself go: The "relationship 15" never looked good on anyone. Shaving, staying fit, grooming, manicures, pedicures, lingerie.. should be a solid part of your future with your significant other.

3. Give them the confidence that no one else has: Never compare them to anyone else, make them feel special, confident, and once in a while provide them with that reassurance (in one way or another) that everyone deserves. Make them feel genuinely good about themselves.

4. Keep them on their toes. Wine and Dine them. Just because you have this person doesn't mean you should ever stop trying to keep them.

5.  Be as passionate as ever.

6. Always fight fair. Stop dropping the gloves with the one person that will always be on your side.

7. Text them naughty things to make them smile during the work day.

8.  Even when you have the desire to be anywhere in the world but in the same room as them, don't walk out on them. It's not something people forget.

9. Never stop cuddling, giving affection, and forehead kisses.

10. Love them unconditionally, even when you should hate them.

11. Never stop doing the little things, because one day those will become the big things.


  1. Make sure you still have date nights!! Once a week you should still get dressed up for one another :)

  2. Spice up your sex life...

  3. Go on vacations and getaways...it's always necessary to break up your normal routine every once in a while

  4. My husband I find it SO important to go out with other couples at times!

  5. Such good advice!!

  6. Have a TV show series you only watch with each other

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