How to tell if they're the one..

You never feel jealous, threatened, anxiety, etc. They make you feel lightyears past secure.

You can sit there in silence (on the phone or in person) and it is not the slightest bit awkward. 

He thinks you're prettier without any make-up on

You are not grossed out by any bodily function of one another

He/she makes you their number one priority. Nothing is even a close second.

You wake up each and every morning knowing you have a permanent team member on your side.

You still want to jump them when they walk in the door after work.

They make you forget things about old boyfriends and girlfriends that you used to think would be permanently embedded in your head.

After x amount of months, years, whatever...you still get butterflies when they kiss you by surprise, or grab your hand, or effortlessly throw your entire body over their shoulder like no one else in the world could do. 

Happy, sad, excited, scared, pissed, moody....they're the one you want to talk to.

You no longer feel the need to go to the bars and get wasted 3 nights a week.

You're genuinely happy and content. Feelings of mediocracy, boredom, and settling are nowhere to be found.

You have a sex life that would make Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele jealous

Bottom line is: When you know you know. And if you don't know, then that also means you know. xx happy valentine's eve! 


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