Prints on Prints

You know how sometimes you think a baby, or a puppy (to be nicer) is so ugly that it's actually kind of cute... that's how I feel about this outfit. Or more specifically, the degree of to which it matches. I do think it's possible for two accessories to clash so much, that they kind of match. For those of you that I haven't lost yet...you will be seeing a lot of this in the spring of 2013, especially with prints. Prints are back and bigger than ever, so who says you can't rock one more than one in an outfit? Not me.

The Susan Monaco Lindsey Gathered Dress, as seen above, was one of my proudest purchases I have to this day.  I had just graduated college and decided that my wardrobe full of "provocative" clothing, all of which my father would disapprove of, was just not going to cut it anymore. Okay, at least Monday through Friday afternoon it wouldn't. So when I found a dress that was cute, showed off my figure, yet was as close to my knees as any dress had been in over 5 years, I knew I could not pass it up.

{Dress: Susan Monaco Lindsey Gathered Dress, Purse: H&M, Scarf: Michael Kors Leopard Print infinity scarf, Shoes: From a boutique in Highland Park near my hometown, not available online}


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