I knew when I saw Emily Schuman of "Cupcakes and Cashmere" post this video tutorial on "Pastel Parted Nails" I would not be able to wait until my weekly Thursday night manicure to try to this! I tried it at home with two stronger colors {Essie: Cute as a Button and Smokin Hot} and although it was fun, it wasn't up to par with the pastel parted manicure. When I went to get my manicure Thursday (with one of my best friends) I think I actually took between 30-45 minutes to narrow the manicure down to two colors. There were so many combinations that looked great together, and it made me so excited for the endless spring/summer color possibilities. 

My friend got so annoyed with me that I allowed her to make the final decision:  Essie colors "Chinchilly" and "Raise Awareness". I decided the next time I try this manicure at home I will be taking Emily's advice and sticking to pastel colors. Click here to watch her video tutorial. 

What are some fun and out of the box things you guys have tried on your nails? I love to try new things and hear all of your ideas!! xx

{Essie "Smokin Hot" and "Cute as a Button"}


  1. LOVE your nails !! I am totally copying that this this weekend!

  2. I read cupcakes and cashmere everyday!

  3. I like putting glitter on my ring fingers

  4. Love the shiny look on nails! xo


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