10 life lessons the 'Bachelor Finale' should teach us

{pic c/o abc 'The Bachelor'}

1. If someone breaks up with you, tells you they fell in love with someone else, oh and they are about to propose to another girl... now is really not the time to sit around and ask questions.

2. The stronger the sexual/physical chemistry, the stronger your relationship will be.

3. It would absolutely suck to have your fiance's ex girlfriend look like, or even worse, actually be, Emily Maynard.

4. Like Sean said, "when you know, you know". It doesn't matter if it's been 6 days, 6 months, or 6 years. Life is too short and it's never too soon to commit to whatever it is that makes you happy.

5. Always look your absolute best when you know you will be seeing your ex boyfriend. See Ashlee F. below.

{pic c/o wetpaint.com}

6. If you judge Sean for dating/hooking up with 26 women before finding the one, you've pretty much just eliminated every guy I've ever known from your dating pool.

7. Guys go for the natural looking girls. Catherine rarely wore makeup and was consistently naturally beautiful. She never really had a 'bad' day because everything always looked the same. Her hair was always gorgeous, complexion and skin tone flawless, and her style was simple and flattering at all times.

8. Guys go for the chill girls. Notice how Catherine was always calm and collect? She never really lost her cool. Okay besides for the night of her last date. But even while she was sobbing on her bed, she was weirdly calm. She never raised her voice, never had an annoying fake laugh and extremely high voice pitch (not to point any fingers linds) and was genuinely a breath of fresh air.

9. When your ex boyfriend is engaged, please don't beg for them to tell you why it didn't work with you. Especially on national television. Lindsey did not accept "I fell in love with someone else" as a good enough answer. Walk away with a little pride. Or at the very least, participate in the walking away apart. (Sorry again Linds) But I think I speak for all of America as we were screaming at our TV set. When someone ends things with you, there's not going to be any answer that will actually make you feel better.

10. Don't show up in a wedding dress on the first date. Chances are, that will not end well for you. 


  1. what if I'm half the # of Sean. Am i still a waste of time?

  2. can you expand on your question? not quite sure what you mean! lmk haha thanks :)


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