Fitness: Dressing the Part

You know how on January 2nd the gym is full of people who promised they would work out 3-4 times a week and lead a more healthy lifestyle? And then by January 15th (that's probably being generous) those very same, motivated people have said "f%&# it." Ok, yes, by people, I mean me. Well, I have found a weird "solution" to this problem that me and many others suffer from. The solution is shopping. No but seriously.

I've found that on the mornings I get dressed and put on my workout clothes, I am more likely to actually go to the gym, go for a walk, go for a jog, do yoga, and even more surprisingly...I am more likely to eat healthy. Although I do love me some lululemon, I also enjoy some other brands that are a little more reasonable in price. I like Zella from Nordstroms, Target's workout line, Hard Tail, and active wear from Sports Authority. I know this may sound crazy, along with the majority of things that come out of my mouth, but I think this concept goes for anything in life. In college, on the days when I got dressed nicely and put myself together to go to class (all 2 of them), I was more productive and motivated.

What are some of the things you do to keep yourself motivated to stay in shape and eat healthy?


  1. I actually feel the same way!

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