How To: Stress Less

Below are some of the things I have done to help reduce stress, and others are things that I have learned/been told. I hope this list helps! Keep it in mind the next time you are majorly stressing. If all else fails...take a xanax.  Just kidding. Sort of.

1. Take a walk

2. Cuddling, Kissing, Sex, etc.

3. Give yourself a shoulder massage/rub the temples on your head

4. Reduce caffeine intake: Not only can it affect your quality of sleep, but it can actually make you more emotionally reactive to stress.

5. Have a glass of wine. Also, Green Tea has been proven to help release endorphins which can reduce stress.

6. Take a long hot shower while listening to music.

7. Laugh: Watch a funny movie, go out with friends, etc.

8. Light a candle

9. Cut anyone or anything out of your life that brings negativity. Life is too short.

10. Go all 1995 for the day and leave your cell phone at home.

11. Chew gum: weird I know, but it has been scientifically proven to help reduce stress. 


  1. This was my favorite picture...it's in every magazine this week!!!

  2. Great Advice, coming in at a perfect time! Keep going girl :)


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