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You know those super annoying people who walk around telling you facts that you think you'll never use, but then the situation comes up, and you totally listen. Yes, I'm one of those people. (The annoying person). So I thought I'd get it all over with in one post. Here are 5 random girl things to keep in mind as Spring approaches...

1. Pastels are back and bigger than ever. They are going to be the huge 'thing' this Spring and Summer. You will want pastel colored pants, shoes, nails, toes, purses... I could keep going...

2. This months Cosmopolitan Magazine informs readers that it is essential to urinate both before and after sex. 

3. To get that 'perfect lipstick look' celebrities have dab the lipstick on with your finger. It gives you more control over the color and what shade you would like it to be.

4.  Manicure places add thinner to nail polish bottles to make the bottles last longer. Unfortunately, this makes it so your manicure will chip very quickly, and you will have to spend more money on your mani (considering you will be going more frequently). To avoid this problem, bring your own nail polish to the salon.

5. Fruits and veggies will help you feel less bloated. If you want to eat stomach flattening foods they are always the way to go. Also, before working out massage your abdominal area. It activates the blood flow in that area and allows for the maximum amount of fat and calories to be burned.

If you have any more comments/facts please post them in the comments section below! Also, add your blogs/website in the comments section I'd love to see them all! xx 


  1. Thanks for the helpful tips! I always bring my own color to the salon anyways just in case it chips when I'm at home and I want to touch up my nails!


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