I know I am just as guilty of letting time slip away as anyone, which is why I wanted to take todays post to slow it down and reflect. I cannot believe it is March. No, not just because there is snow, freezing cold weather, and Puffy North Faces seen everywhere in my city at the moment. But more so because it is amazing to think about everything that has changed in the last year for me, and on the same token, even more amazing to think about all of the things that have stayed exactly the same. I know they say the most changes in your life occur during your twenties. It is the most "unstable" time of your life. That has definitely stood true. I've had relationships change, friendships grow closer, friendships drift apart, career changes, residential changes (okay I know going from the suburbs to the city isn't that significant- but for me it is!), but most importantly, a mentality change.

I would definitely say I am tougher-skinned, and more confident than I have ever been before. That is only due to the fact that I've cut the things/people out of my life who have made me insecure, unsure, or brought any type of negativity into my day. Or night. I mean, it's one of the more simple things in the world...why would you hold on to the negative things in life when there's so much positive to be had? I know it's easier said than done, but when you actually do it, it's more clear than ever. This can hold true for any scenarios from no longer watching Criminal Minds because it gave you terrifying nightmares, all the way to things like cutting certain friends, people, relationships, etc. out who held no significant part in your life. Anyways, I could go on all day, but for those of you who are still reading this, life's way too short. Spend all of the time you can with the people you love the most and the people that make you happy. The people that are there for you at your happiest, and the people who are there for you at your worst. Travel, take more naps, go for more walks, spend more time with your dog, or your grandma, relax, take a deep breath, and be appreciative for everything you have in your life right now. Put all of your problems in perspective, and realize how lucky you most likely are. 


  1. You sound so happy and I hope you always stay that way. Thanks for your inspiring outlook!!


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