DIY: Getting ready for spring

(pic c/o one of my best friends Jade from LA)

1. You can officially set the bronzer aside. Spring and summer calls for natural looking skin. Moisture is back in the air, and that dry dull skin is finally looking great again. Instead of using bronzer, try using a light tinted moisturizer to give you a subtle glow and more even skin tone.

2. It's time to start shaving your legs on a daily basis again 

3. Considering it's April, it's time to stop dressing like a nun. Show a little skin, color, and style. As attractive as North Face coats, leggings, and baggy sweaters have been this winter...

4. Lose the "Winter 10"

5. Exfoliate to get rid of the dry skin build up from the winter

6. Grow out your bangs, lighten your hair, cut angles...do something to change up your look in anticipation of the warm weather. 

7. Switch over to a daily moisturizer that has SPF

8. Take a month or two off birth control. Experts say it's good for just about every aspect of your body to take a break from the pill. 

9. Say goodbye to Lincoln Park after dark, that black eye liner you took way too far this winter, coldplay, xanax, etc. life is about to get good again :)


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