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When the weather starts to get warm, proper office apparel becomes a bit tricky. Although my outfit above wouldn't necessarily be appropriate for all offices (as my dad has already pointed out...twice), it works in the fashion industry. I found this skirt at Forever 21 over a year ago, and could not find the right thing to wear it with. Since I couldn't let the $11.70 purchase go, I tried it on with just about everything I owned, determined to find a way to make it work. Since I couldn't make it work as a going- out outfit (it was just too boring) I decided to try it in a more serious light. By pairing it with these matching shoes, and a black tank + cardigan + bag combo, I was able to maintain a polished look for the office. Remember that professional does not always mean stuffy and serious. It means looking clean and fit for the job. How are some ways you maintain style while also looking professional? 

PS..If you want these shoes make sure to use code xxshannaxx at checkout for 15% off. (As well as anything else on the website) 

chicago blog


  1. Awesome outfit. I like to wear skirts with blazers or wraps that can be taken off throughout the day to the office.

  2. great forever21 find!

  3. i like to wear dresses with cardigans and belts!

  4. What color are your nails?

  5. My nails are Fiji mixed with Marshmallow (Essie) :) xx


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