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Not that this is anything new- but there is no better host in the world than my friend Natalie. (All of the pics in this post are from parties/dinners that she's hosted) I'm convincing her to start a blog, or at least a pinterest...because every time she hosts, she amazes me even more! Here are a few tips you can take away from the pics in the post:

1. Label the foods with tooth picks and cards to write on: Such a simple idea that adds such a cute, creative, and finishing touch. In situations like the picture below where she made 3 different types of cookies it is a very productive finishing touch for your guests. (Same goes for the bar picture) 

2. If you are going to have a bar, make sure to have three different options for drinks and various toppings. Adding fruit to a drink is not only fun to do, but tastes amazing.

3. Have a variety of drinks, desserts, and mini food dishes. People are picky and that is the best and most efficient way to please all of your guests.

4. Serve mini dishes (like the ones 3 pics down). When you are having a dinner party (for a game, award show, etc.) it is not convenient for your guests to not have to sit down to eat their meals. It is much easier and convenient to be able to eat while walking around and socializing. This method also eliminates the seating problem that could occur if you needed enough room for everyone to sit down to eat their meals. 

My goal for 2013 is to be able to host a party like Nat! What are some other creative ideas you've seen at parties you've attended or from experience as a host? 


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