Celebritized in Chicago: Flash Contest

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Since my camera was getting fixed (again this week) I started utilizing all of the various apps and tools on my iPhone to get creative with pictures. Since I was going to hold a contest to reward my loyal readers anyways this month, this minor problem of mine gave me a great idea! Send in your most artistic/creative picture of ANYTHING using an app or program on your iPhone (yes it can even be instagram) and the top few winners will receive some PRETTY AMAZING prizes. It can be of yourself, food, scenery, you name it. Above is an example: I used instagram to change it to black & white,  and then a program to write on it. To enter: email lakin.shanna@gmail.com with your image, what app you used to enhance it, if you would like the image to remain anonymous, and where it was taken. Let's just say some of these prizes start at nordstrom and don't end at shopbop. Winners will be announced this Saturday!! P.S. No nudity please. Unless you are the girl from the Blurred Lines video. 


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