Pretzels dipped in chocolate

Last night I had so much fun baking (and eating) for todays blog post. It is so easy to turned chocolate covered anything into a July 4th treat. If you don't have a double boiler, you can do what I did and put a smaller pot inside of a larger one. Put a few cups of water in the larger pot, and then you will have made yourself a double boiler! To turn it into a July 4th treat simply dip the treat (pretzels, strawberries, rice krispy treats, etc.) into the chocolate, add red, white, & blue sprinkles, and then allow them to cool/harden in the refrigerator before you serve! What are some of your favorite holiday treats?? See you all tomorrow! xx


  1. MMMM....I'm making these for the 4th. Looks delicious!

  2. Love this idea!! So simple and creative!

  3. i'm pinning this!!

  4. I'm making these too!!


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