Signs someone is bad for you

1. No matter how drop dead gorgeous you look, you always feel like you never look your best when you see them.

2. You think they are better than you.

3. When they don't call or text you back it ruins your day. 

4. Their behavior with you is inconsistent. 

5. You feel like you are bothering them or annoying.

6. You are making significantly more effort than they are.

7. There are many times when you are not sure when your relationship with them stands.

8. Every time you walk away from them you feel worse about yourself. 

9. They have a very limited schedule when it comes to hanging out with you or talking to you.

10. Your friends and/or family don't like them. 

11. You don't want to have sex with them, but more so feel an obligation to.

12. They don't compliment you on a regular basis.

13. They love you like you are ordinary. 


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