Signs you're happy

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 1. You can sleep late when life allows it

2. You don't wake up feeling nervous for no reason

3. You have patience, no temper, and a great attitude

4. You will wear an outfit even if someone tells you they hate it 

5. You treat your boyfriend/girlfriend like they are royalty 

6. You don't always want to be somewhere else. You're very happy and content being at dinner, not nervous and anxious and ready to go on to the next task. 

7. You look forward to the little things in life: Watching the Kardashians, the housewives, eating chocolate chip cookies, walking your dog, going to the Bulls game, etc.

8. You have the ability to cry or show emotion when you're upset...

9. You don't push good things or people away

10. People come to you for advice

11. You can look back on the past with no bitter or depressing feelings

12. You have at least one healthy relationship in your life

13. You have the ability to smile when you're alone

14. You care about your appearance 

15. You don't lie 


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