A to do list for your twenties

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1. Ask your employer for your well deserved raise.

2. Be able to wake up without setting 4 different alarms on your iPhone.

3. Be able to decline invitations when you've realized you're spreading yourself too thin. 

4. Be innovative, creative and motivated. It's not a coincidence you hear of all these entrepreneurs in their twenties. It is the most credible age. You are old enough where people respect you and trust you, and young enough where people still believe in you and your hunger for success. 

5.  Learn the proper amount to drink. If you've successfully finished your second semester sophomore year of college, you should have mastered this by now. A falling over puking sloppy 27 year old just isn't as cute as it was when you were 19. 

6. Learn how to stand up to anyone who is toxic to your life. Whether this is a coworker, boss, family member, friend, significant other, etc. it's time to put an end to it. You are an adult. So guess what, it's official. That whole respect your elders thing is bullshit. You don't need to respect anyone who doesn't respect you. 

7. Go through an entire dinner without checking your texts, instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat......but seriously.

8. Be able to tell when you're about to get dumped. You're not that naive 16 year old girl who thought she was going to get asked to homecoming by the hot senior star quarter back. (Okay, yes but this just happened to me once.) You're supposed to be able to have a 6th sense....common sense. Be able to take hints and clues regardless of how nonchalant they are.

9. Get over it. If your friends are super careful not to bring a certain someone up, that means you are long over due in the moving on department. 

10. Break some rules, isn't that what your twenties is all about? You have the rest of your life to be a mature adult. 

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