Converting Fashion

converting fashion, summer to fall

I was never great at converting fractions to decimals, or  celsius to fahrenheit, however when it comes to converting clothes...I've got this one covered. I got such great feed back from these pants from Jewelry Night Out and More, that I figured I could use them as the subject to this experiment. I kept the pants and the tank top exactly the same from the summer post. The only things I added to the equation were a pair of knee-high fall boots, and a leather jacket. Some outfits are too good to only wear once a season, which is why adding or subtracting pieces to the outfit is essential to the conversion. And to think my third grade teacher gave me a check minus in math...

converting fashion, summer to fall

converting fashion, summer to fall


  1. You are a genius! I'm trying this tomorrow. I'm going to wear a sleeveless dress that I've worn all summer. I'm adding tights and boots, and a little cardigan.


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