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1. Don't get too drunk around someone until at least a month into the relationship. I'm all for having a drink or two to take the edge off, but most people don't handle the bad in someone until they've seen enough good.

2. Guys like the natural look. Heavy make up is a complete turn off. Too many colors on your face is the worst thing a girl could ever do. NEVER do a heavy blush color + eyes + lip + bronzer. Pick one thing to make pop. If you are going to have a heavy lip do natural face make up, if you are going to do heavy eyes do a nude lip. Less is more, I cannot say it enough!

3. If a guy leaves right away in the morning, they're just not that into you. 

4.  People are always scared of commitment in one way or another. However, there are ways to make this less frightening by making the other persons life happy, stress free, and overall easier. 

5. From this months Marie Claire a paragraph written by a guy: We play hard to get- and we know it. Sometimes, I just act like they have no chance, even though I might like them. I openly flirt with other girls in front of them. Then, I get really tender and give all of my attention to this girl who thought she had no chance. c/o Marieclaire.com

6. 99 times out of 100 girls and guys can never just be friends. 

7. You only get what you give. 

8. What goes around always come back around, and then around again, and again...it's a viscous cycle that never ends. Tread lightly. 

9. If you can't trust you can't be trusted.

10. As crazy as it sounds, when it comes to dating...you will know within the first 5 minutes if you could possibly have a future with someone or not. First impressions are everything. 

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