Reasons why they're not having sex with you

1. You stress them out...after all, who wants to kiss the lips that chew them out all day.

2. They are just stressed out in general.

3. Certain medications they are on- Anxiety or depression meds are known to KILL sex drives.

4. They are overweight, or just plain out of shape and not a very active person. Who doesn't like an athletic guy, or a girl who works out and does yoga?

5. You're going through the post honeymoon phase dip. Although you may not go back to thinking your sweetheart is Ryan Gosling's twin or Miranda Kerr's sister...you normally will climb back up from that dip.

6. They're cheating on you.

7. You're cheating on them.

8. One or both parties have checked out.

9. You haven't brought your A game in the bedroom.

10. They're just not that into you.

{pic c/o Eonline.com}


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