Summer to Fall

One of my loyal readers asked me about some cute fall transitional outfits. As much as I LOVE September, it is somewhat of an awkward month. It is normally warm and too soon to actually wear fall clothes, but at the same time... wearing maxi dresses and flip flops is pushing the limit. Here is how I do it. I slowly phase in my fall apparel. I'll wear shorts, but pair them with combat boots and an "interseasonal" (def not an actual word) top. Or I'll wear a maxi but with a cardigan or light leather coat over it. September is all about layers, and SLOWLY transitioning over to fall. It's too painful to just rip the bandaid, so milk this for as long as you possibly can. PS I'm in New York for work (coming home to Chicago Thursday morning) so be sure to follow my trip on Instagram (@shanlakes)

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  1. Thank you!! Love this post!! I want to try the maxi with leather this weekend :)


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