Girls night activities

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1. The Movie/TV show title game: Have a glass of wine and go around in a circle saying all the TV shows/movie titles that could be used to describe your EX. For example: Psycho, Half Baked, Clueless,  Nightmare on Elm Street, Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, The biggest Loser....okay you get it!

2. Practice youTube tutorials on one another (hair, makeup, skin)

3. Walk around a mall late at night right before it's about to close. (My favorite time to shop)

4. Bake some special desserts... :)

5. Have a Ryan Gosling marathon. And of course end it with The Notebook.

6. Each girl text 3 guys in your phone book that you haven't talked to in 6+ months. Whoever gets the most responses wins. And how can at least one of those conversations not be interesting?

7. Wine + Dance party.

8. Watch some of our most favorite vintage shows. I'm talking OC, Laguna, Hills...Boy meets world, Full House, Saved by The Bell....ok, yes I've done this before.

9. Tell your worst (and best) sex stories.

10. Play Ex-charades. Divide into teams and pretend to be one of the girls exes, ex hook up, fling, etc.

11. Play some good old fashion "never have I ever."

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  1. HaHa...some great girl-time ideas here.


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