Singles mistakes

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1. Being stubborn/difficult: Don't be above dating websites, getting set up by you friends, ignoring a message from  a guy on fb, etc. Times are changing. You are most likely not going to marry the person you pass notes back and forth with in class, so be open to the modern age dating world.

2. Going back to an ex: Unless you feel like taking 100 steps backward. Remember everything you hated about this person and the relationship you were in with them? Unless they are the one in a million exception to the rule, things are not going to be different this time around. Whether it takes a week, a month, or a year for you to realize once again that they are not the one for you, it'll happen. And who knows, you could've stopped a great door from opening by not shutting this last one.

3. Looking so hard for someone: It's like watching paint dry or grass grow. When you are looking for something in an extreme manner you normally won't find it. Everything happens for a reason. Live your life, and the right thing will find you. You will know.

4. One night stands: You will feel better waking up by yourself - starting your day by walking, getting coffee, going to brunch with a family member or friend, than waking up next to someone you don't like, will never call you, and will just lower your self-esteem.

5. Dating people who don't make you a priority.

6. Talking about your EX to new flames.

7. Listening to others opinions: So many times have I seen dumb opinions be the kiss of death in dating. It's almost as if once someone says something about a person it becomes all you see in them. You become insecure and purposely jeopardize the relationship. EX: I heard he's a bad kisser, has bad breath, isn't that cute, can't play sports for his life, dated an unattractive girl, etc. Most likely the person saying that does not have your best interest in mind. Maybe they are jealous, or maybe they are insecure about their own relationship.

8. You use the "being damaged" excuse as a reason to why you F'd up every great opportunity you've had. 

9. You come on too strong. You go 90, they go 10.

10. You're trying to replace someone specific rather than meeting the right person.

11. You go for people who are in one way or another unavailable. You like to go for people you can keep at an arms length as a means to protect yourself.

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