The best gift in the world...

monogrammed necklace by Max & Chloe

For some (unknown) reason...a lot of people choose to come to me for advice on important life topics. While I can honestly say for the most part, I give great advice but I just don't take it...when it comes to shopping or gift ideas, I walk the walk. One of the best gifts I have gotten to this date is a monogrammed necklace by Max & Chloe. It has my initials (SEL) on a dainty gold chain with an also gold pendant. If you need a gift for holidays, birthdays, an anniversary, you need to say sorry to your girlfriend and flowers just won't cut it... this is your guy. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and this timeless, classic piece is something I will be able to wear forever. Click here to put together your own personalized necklace. 


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