Why you're still single

1. Because you are actively looking for someone. When you are single and ready to be in a relationship you might as well be wearing a sign on your back. That's how obvious it is. That desperate urge is not attractive to anyone. Stop looking. That's when everything will fall in to place.

2. You're a stage 5. Virgin clinger. Minus the virgin part (hopefully). Take a deep breath, count to 5, you've gone twenty something years without this person...IF... it doesn't work out.... you will live. Being too clingy or getting attached too quickly is never ever an attractive quality. Relationships only progress when both parties are going the same speed. If you focus your energy in to other things as well, the relationship will progress naturally.

3. You're damaged. Mostly everyone has a relationship that F's them up pretty badly, however, carrying those issues into a new relationship is deadly. This new person has done nothing to not deserve your trust, so if you have to write that on a post-it note and put it on their forehead...do what you gotta do.

4. You think that you are supposed to fall in love in a week. Love at first sight is not all that common. I will say, I think within the first 5 minutes you can tell if you see potential with someone, but most feelings develop at a real life pace not a 2 hour romantic comedy pace.

5. You're insecure.

6. You're settling for way less than you deserve in people.

7. You have too many friends who are the opposite sex.

8. You're still the social chair of your sorority...except you've been out of college for 5 years. No one wants to date a party girl/frat guy who is stuck in their glory days.

9. You don't let your friends set you up with anyone.

10. You're waiting for the right one, instead of settling like at least 3 of your friends are currently doing. Look at it in a positive light- when they're all 33 and getting divorced, you'll be happily cuddled up with the one who may of took a little longer to get there, but was well worth it.

11. You're unemployed.

12. You're selfish.

13. You haven't learned the most important rules in relationships yet. You teach people how to treat you. Someone can only treat you poorly if you allow it.

14. You're not over your EX.

15. You haven't really enjoyed being single yet. Everyone needs a single phase at some point in their life before they are really ready to find the one. Enjoy those endless TV marathons on your couch, or excessive amount of time spent with your family and friends. Those awkward first dates, or the ones that had a little hope, those nights of waiting for your phone to ring with someone you don't really even care about on the other end. Because all those things will eventually bring you to exactly where you are supposed to be.

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