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What's the best way to get over heartbreak?
Honestly, even though it sounds cliche...time heals all wounds. It's amazing...someone who you thought you could never live without (with enough reason behind it) could be someone you could care less about a year from now. A lot of times, people make it really easy for you to get over them. When they act in a certain way, or do certain things to you..you have to realize this is not the same person you fell in love with. If someone walks away from you, let them! Distract yourself as much as possible. Go to Bulls games, concerts, do fun things, and make new memories without this person. Life is too short to waste any time on someone who doesn't fully want to be with you.

What's the easiest way to let someone down? 
Verbally explain that you are done with the relationship, and after that, the NICEST thing you can do to someone you are done with is to stop talking to them.

How often do you work out? 
As of right now the answer to that question is pretty embarrassing. However, I do a LOT of walking. I walk to and from work almost everyday, and go for long walks with my puppy on a daily basis.  I definitely plan on joining a gym or health club in the very near future so I will get into a regular routine. Although I am not one to give advice about working out, I would recommend when it comes to exercise and eating that you make it more of a life style rather than a "crash plan." Excessive working out or dieting will almost always set yourself up for failure because it is not something you can maintain, and in turn you will gain the weight back.

There are so many new trends/things I would love to buy but then the realities of a budget come in. how do you handle this situation? Where do you draw the line or settle for what designer things you get vs when/what items are better bought on a budget? This can include makeup, spa services, clothes,  jewelry, etc. 
Such a great question! I definitely prioritize the things that are important to me, and then take the budget route on the other things. For example, I ONLY go to nice spas for manicures/pedicures for special occasions. Otherwise I go to the cheaper places...which are actually just as good, and you don't have to book appointments! There is one across from my apartment that I go to every week. I get a polish change once a week, which is 7 dollars (and then every few weeks I'll get a manicure- which is only $14 there). I also get pedicures there, but those last longer so I only do it once every 2-3 weeks. Another thing I've been doing to save money, instead of getting a spray tan, I use a spray from Sephora. I spray it on once or twice a week, and that way I don't have to wear bronzer/face make-up either.

When it comes to clothes, I budget very carefully. With jeans.. I have a few staple nice pairs- Rag & Bone's, Sevens, you get it...  that I wear ALL the time and get my moneys worth. But when it comes to the seasonal pairs that come and go...I LOVE Blank NYC denim. The fit is the best any jean has ever fit me, they come in all colors and styles, and are always under $100. Amazing. Blank also makes amazing faux leather jackets which you can find here. Shockingly enough, I don't really care enough about shoes to buy Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo's...yet. So I save money in that department, and am able to put it towards other categories! Luckily for my boyfriend, I am not a big jewelry girl. I will wear a watch and some rings, but it'd be a very rare occasion if you saw me wearing necklaces or earrings. Shocking! I know!

It's all about prioritizing what is important to you, and budgeting the rest! Unfortunately, nine times out of ten nobody would be able to tell if your jacket is 100 dollars or 700 dollars.

The biggest turn offs in men?
Trying too hard, insecurity, and not having any athleticism in them.

How to get over someone?
Back in march I wrote a whole post on "breaking up". I still stand by everything I said so check it out here.

Ideal age to have my first baby?
27. Give or take. Oh sorry, did I answer that too quickly!?

What do you do about mean comments people leave in your blog?
I leave them up for everyone to see! Seriously. I will never delete a mean comment, so have a field day. I think everyone is allowed to express their opinion, and as mean as some comments are, it is equally embarrassing for the author if I leave it up there. I've also learned no matter what you do in life, there will be people who will hate on you for it. Right Miley?! ;)

Coolest career moment thus far? 
Being featured in Lucky Magazine :)

Biggest pet peeve? 
People who can give it but can't take it.

Best skin tips? 
Moisturize on a daily basis, use toner, drink lots of water, sleep on your back, use a silk pillow case.

** I summarized a lot of the questions to group them together. If you don't see your question answered, by the time you're reading this you should have gotten a personalized response. Thank you to all who participated! You guys are the best! And it's great to know there are still some people out there who listen to me.


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