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What?: If you're like me and so sick of jumping around from Shopbop to Bloomingdales to Nordstrom to Nasty Gal to Revolve...okay you get it....and would like all the filtered goods in one places...you will love my new online boutique called "Chi Shop Stop." What other store do you know that updates its inventory from all your favorite stores 5 days a week. It will be updated EVERY WEEKDAY Monday-Friday. 

Where?: With Chi Shop Stop you get to shop from your couch. To enter the boutique click on my website www.celebritizedchicago.com. Then near the top right corner (next to the privacy policy and press tabs) you will see "Chi Stop Shop." The store will be updated M-F every week. Open 24/7. Weekends. Holidays. You name it.

How?: Click any of the images in the boutique to shop them.

The personal shopping division:

Do you need to get your girlfriend an amazing gift? Do you need to get your boyfriend a gift? Do you need to find an awesome leather jacket under 200 dollars? A perfect work bag? New Jeans? Bathing suits for your vacation? A graduation gift for an 18 year old? A wedding gift? etc. Let me do the work for you, free of charge, AND you will gain perks every time you purchase anything through me. 

Chi Shop Stop is a one stop shop for online personal shopping WITH PERKS. While I anticipate starting out with under 100 clients in the next few months (since I don't sleep anyways this will be totally manageable), with growth I have an awesome team of potential personal shoppers and stylists to bring on board. 

With personal shopping it's not like you are going to say find me a leather jacket and it will just show up at your door. (Unless that's how you want it!) I will spend as much time as you would like working with you to find the exact thing you are looking for. If you tell me you want to find an awesome faux leather jacket under 200 dollars, I will then send you 5-10 different options. We will narrow it down, or with your feedback generate new options. 

Is there a catch?: Nope, it's a rewards system. The more you shop with me the more money you receive back. However, your purchase MUST be through Chi Shop Stop or a link generated directly by Shanna in order for you to receive the perks.

Can I refer my friends to this program?: Yes! For each person you refer to this program you will receive an extra 5 dollars to your account. 

Do I need paypal to participate?: Yes, however it is very secure and easy to use. There is nothing to lose by creating a paypal account. Whether you use it everyday or create it and never use it again, there is no charge whatsoever.

What if I want to buy something but it's not in Chi Shop Stop?: Not a problem! Want a Marc Jacobs bag? E-mail me the bag and I will generate a link to send to you that is valid through the program. You must buy the product directly from the link or you will not be eligible for the perks of the purchase.

How will I know when my account reaches $75?: After every purchase I will email you an invoice of how much money you spent with Chi Shop Stop. When your account reaches $75 + I will send you the money via pay pal. You can email me any time to find out your account standings. However, like I said, I will soon have a web program developed that will allow you to login and see your account standings.

Will my girlfriend ever find out I didn't pick out the bag for her birthday myself?: Only if you tell her! All clients of mine are completely confidential. Your info will never be disclosed. 

Example: If you buy these (click here: http://bit.ly/1gop4uq)  Rag & Bone booties through my personal shopping department for $495 you will receive appx. $10-$15 in your account. While I wish I could give an exact percentage of each product, each product from each respective website will earn you a different amount of perks. You can talk to me about which website and links you can get the most back ! 

However, you need to ALWAYS click directly through the links I send you for you to be eligible for perks. You will then receive confirmation from me of how much $ was added towards your account. Remember, the money will not be redeemable via pay pal until you've reached $75 in perks. 

Click here to visit the boutique or find it at the top of the Celebritized in Chicago homepage. At the top of the page it will explain how you can sign up to become a client! Always email me with any questions as this is new and in the early stages of development. 


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