Questions to ask yourself before you walk down the aisle...

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1. Do you still have an active sex life?

2. Can you be happy about calling his/her family your own?

3. Is there more good than bad in the relationship?

4. Do you support each other unconditionally?

5. Do you like their friends? 

6. Do you fight more than once a week?

7. Do you ever get bored with them? Do they keep you on your toes?

8. Are you insanely attracted to them?

9. Do you enjoy alone time away from them?

10. Can you see them being the father/mother of your children?

11. Do you feel like you want to show them off to the entire world?

12. Do they make you happy/make your life easier and better?

13. Do they surprise you and keep things romantic/exciting?

14. Do you fully trust them? Do they fully trust you?

15. Do you fantasize about other people?

16. Are they ambitious and hard working?

17. Can you remember the last time they kissed your forehead or showed you affection for no reason?

18. Do you love each other equally? Or at least on a similar level?

19. Do you have feelings of being content, mediocracy or settling?

20. Do you genuinely care about this person enough to make them happy for the rest of their life, or for the majority of it ? ;)

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