We all make mistakes

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1. Taking too long to respond to a wedding, bar mitzvah, holiday party, etc. invitation. 

2. Being too judgmental of everyone. 

3. Talking about yourself too much. You never want to be that friend that is known for only talking about themselves. It's so important to ask your friends about the little things. 

4. Not knowing the appropriate time to leave a social setting.

5. Not apologizing when you are wrong. Whether it be to your boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, best friend...when you F up, own up to it. If not it'll eat away at you. When I was a teacher the wrong kid got in trouble for a certain classroom incident, and to this day I still get a pang in my stomach when I think about it!

6. Forgetting or not even thinking to genuinely thanking someone who does something for you.

7.  Getting too caught up with friends and social events to have at least 1 or 2 nights alone with your significant other. I live with my boyfriend and there are weeks when I feel like I haven't seen him even when we had been together every morning and night! 

8. Being too cheap to do fun things. No one wants to spend money, but you will always regret not splurging on vacations, concerts, games, nice dinners, one night hotel rondevus, etc. Great memories are not something you can put a price on.

9. Being a push over. I'm all for being nice to everyone, until they cross you...

10. Being stuck to a routine. Do at least one thing each week off the beat and path. 

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  1. number 1 is something all people in their twenties do ...oops!


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