Beauty mistakes you are making today

top 10 beauty mistakes

1. Too much perfume: my rule is two sprays at most. While your senses become immune to it, other people's aren't.

2. Allowing your teeth to go yellow: This trend will never catch on. Lay off the coffee, cigs, coke, candy, and start brushing and flossing 2-3 times a day.

3. Sleeping on your stomach: sleep on your back to avoid too much face to pillow contact. This will reduce, if not completely avoid, wrinkles, fine lines, and break outs.

4. Wearing foundation instead of tinted moisturizer (oil-free).

5. Not using a primer before putting on ANY form of make-up. A primer is a protection barrier between your skin and the make-up. Essentially it makes it so the make-up never actually touches your skin. Primer also blends any imperfections, fine lines, pores, etc. I love this primer by Nars {here}

6. Having the wrong hair color for your skin tone and complexion.

7. Three words...too.much.eyeliner! Seriously though, put it down!

8. Wearing your make-up to bed. Keep face wipes next to your bed to avoid this from ever occurring. Going to sleep with make-up on tonight, could cause a breakout to form 21-28 days from now. Even if you think you've escaped any damage by waking up with clear skin, the congestion won't show up till later on.

9. Wearing clothes that don't fit. Wearing clothes that are too big and wearing clothes that are too tight are equally unflattering.

10. Neglecting your brows. I recommend waxing every 3-4 weeks for the perfect arch. Eyebrows can completely alter a persons look (for better or for worse).

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  1. I am currently doing 3 of those! ugh


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