10 things you can't forget to do this winter

1. Hydrate your body inside and out by drinking lots of water to keep skin looking young and glowing. 

2. Moisturize with lotion right after you shower to decrease the appearance of dry, flaky or tight skin. 
Try: Nivea extended moisture 

3. Fight dry skin and hair with oils to lock in moisture, press on a face oil to enhance moisture and boost radiance.
Try: Fresh moisturizing face oil

4. Avoid long showers to prevent drying out your skin even more.
Try: If you love the warm temperature, try taking a hot bath instead so that your face isn't under the steaming hot water the whole time. The body retains moisture better than the face.

5. Put a stop to dry and wind burned lips by using a lip balm daily.
Try: Kiehls with SPF

6. Exfoliate dry, chapped lips with a lip scrub.
Try: Fresh lip scrub

7. Add a little color to your face by using a blush.
Try: Nars blush

9. Even though it’s cold out, skin can still get damaged from the sun, use a tinted moisturizer with SPF.
Try: Laura Mercier 

10. Keep hair from looking dull by using a deep conditioner twice a week.
Try: Moroccan oil restorative mask  

11. Boost your mood and keep your figure in shape by eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.
Try: Work out classes with friends or at home videos to dodge going to the gym 

Post written by:  Erica Hecktman 
Photography c/o: {here}


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