SAG AWARDS 2014: The Best & The Worst

SAG AWARDS 2014: The Best & The Worst

Giuliana Rancic: While purple is a risky color, Giuliana nailed it in this Basil Soda dress. She found the perfect shade of purple to compliment her skin tone, not to mention the cut, shape, and details of the dress all worked strongly in her favor. The black belt was the icing on the cake. Nice work G.
Jennifer Lawrence: While the critics were less than impressed with her style performance at the Golden Globe awards, J Law redeemed herself at the SAG awards. Black tight and glitter is an interesting combo, but she pulled it off flawlessly. She glowed in her Dior Dress, Jimmy Choo bag, and Brian Atwood shoes.
Maria Menounos: The girl can do wrong in our eyes. And with that said, any one else who wore this dress may have ended up on our worst dressed list. However, she knows how to dress to play up all her best features and characteristics. She wears what will be the most flattering on HER, and doesn’t worry about how it would look on anyone else. The pink powder gown (by Rani Zakhem) works well with her skin tone and hair color. The lace cut-outs and criss cross bands compliments her figure perfectly while still looking elegant and classy.
Jennifer Garner: You know the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” ? We think Jen Garner used this concept in her dress choice. If you don’t have the best style, don’t try to at all. And that’s exactly what she did. She took a classic cut, color, shape, and added a belt, and ultimately killed it. She knew people could say whatever they wanted about this dress, but they could never say it was ugly. She used her brains, and for that she ended up on our best dressed list.
Sandra Bullock: America’s sweetheart won our hearts back after she shattered them in her horrible color block dress at the Golden Globes. She played it safe with the popular green color of the season, but it worked. Her natural make-up and simple hair allowed the color, slit, and details to do most of the work.

SAG AWARDS 2014: The Best & The Worst

And now on to the worst… (we’ll keep it short and “sweet”)
Amanda Peet: Silverman is not the one that needs to be saved this time. It’s Amanda.
Claire Danes: Even losing Brody isn’t an excuse to wear a dress this bad.
Cate Blanchett: Her pale pink Givenchy gown had a major fight with her skin tone, and then they left and went to the SAG awards together.
Juliette Lewis: Unless her dress had some sentimental meaning (like bringing the design of her great-grandmother’s carpeting to the SAG awards) we just can’t wrap our heads around this one.
Julia Roberts: While we give her credit for the bold jumpsuit outfit choice, we can’t understand why she’d want the carpets to match the drapes. I mean dress.

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