Signs she's into you

adam levine and fiance

  1. Her friends know who you are – you’re always the topic of conversation and they probably know a lot more about you than you think.

  2. She keeps the conversation going  - she’ll think of something new to talk about just to hold your attention.

  3. She remembers the little things you say - even if its just your favorite food or restaurant.

  4. She’s friendly to your friends – if she’s into you, getting your friends approval is always a priority.

  5. She shows interest in the things you do, even if that means pretending to love sports as much as you do.

  6. She teases you – it wasn’t just in kindergarten that you picked on your crush.

  7. She plays a little hard to get – but not too much.

  8. She hints at seeing you in the future – making small comments to make sure you know she wants to see you again. She'll also think of any reason she can to see you. She doesn't actually "need your help" or happen to be in the area of you work. And no, it wasn't an accident that she left her jewelry at your apt. She had to leave something to come back for.

  9. She’s engaged in conversation – instead of looking around and getting distracted, she looks you in the eye and cares about what you’re saying.

  10. She manages to look cute whenever you’re around, that’s not just a coincidence.

Article by Celebritized in Chicago editor : Erica Hecktman


  1. so so cute!

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