How to be "crazy" in a relationship

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1. Get mad at them for going out with their friends: This is probably the biggest turn off for men and women respectively. This is taking a direct stab at the little freedom they have left. Spending time with their friends is critical to a healthy relationship with you. When else will they have time to miss you? or be excited to come home to you? If you can't trust them when they're out with the boys than this is not the relationship for you.

2. Get mad about EVERYTHING. Literally, it's almost at the point where they can't breathe right.

3. They're not allowed to have friends of the opposite sex. This shows your immense insecurity, which isn't doing any one a favor.

4. You feel them retracting and you somehow take this as an invitation to push harder.

5.  You make their life harder and are constantly an added stressor. You have no ability to let the little things go. You are the furthest thing from being a breath of fresh air. You make it so there's more bad than good.

6.  Become so obsessed with fixing or perfecting the relationship.

7.  Look through their phone, email, snapchats, J-Date account (just kidding).

8.  Feel like you NEED to please THEM, rather than it being a natural thing that goes both ways.

9. Allow someone to treat you in a lower than average manner. Let them offer you so little that when they throw you an occasional bone, you actually convince yourself that they are a great boyfriend or girlfriend.

10. Fight very dirty. 


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