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When it comes to getting in shape and losing weight, I find it a lot easier to focus on what you can eat rather than what you cannot. While it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid all foods that aren't great for your bod, if you do it in moderation... you will not find these foods to be a problem. For desserts I've been buying skinny cow ice cream sandwiches and 100 calorie cookies so that I know exactly how much dessert I'm eating. Try having two days a week (at least 2-3 days apart) that you allow yourself to give into cravings. This way the other 5 days you are somewhat disciplined, while allowing yourself to fulfill cravings every once in a while.

Foods that do not cause stomach fat

1. Celery and peanut butter

2. Oatmeal

3. Yogurt

4. Berries

5. Turkey, salmon, certain meats

6. Eggs (Hard boiled)

7. Tuna

8. Sweet potatoes

9. Spinach

10. Cottage cheese

Foods that are linked to causing stomach fat

1. Bagels

2. Milk and other high lactose foods

3. Alcohol

4. Soda

5. Fried foods (if they give you an option for grilled take that instead)

6. Cereal (especially ones that are high in sugar)

7. Artificial sweeteners

8. Gum (bloats your stomach)

9. Sweets: cupcakes, brownies, cake, cookies

10. White bread


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