Top 10 dating mistakes

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1. Asking too many questions: I think we know which gender I'm talking to with this one... us girls could go all day. What movie are you watching? How far into it are you? Do you like it? What are you doing after? With who? 

2. Fighting in front of other people: This is a huge no no. I don't care if you want to kill your significant other in the most horrific manner, write it down on your note pad on your iPhone and save it for later. Not only are you embarrassing yourselves by fighting in front of other people, but you are making everyone else around you feel uncomfortable. 

3. Going too long without having sex.

4. Getting in way over your head: After only a week or two, you think you're in love with them. Let me repeat,think it all you want. There are to be NO I love you's dropped until you have been actually dating the person for 2-3 months. 

5. Talking about your ex. It's pretty simple...if you're dating someone and still talking about your ex it's just plain weird, and borderline creepy. Either go back to them, or stop talking about them.

6. You fight about the little things: The little things become the big things. If you don't learn how to pick your battles then you might as well remain single.

7. You tell your friends and family too much about the relationship: Just remember, your mom and dad aren't in love with the person like you are. When you get into a fight with them and tell your family or BFF all the terrible things they said to you, you're going to forgive them in 30 minutes. Your dad is not.

8. You gave up too easily: I'll be the first to say, you normally know deep down when the appropriate time to throw in the towel is. However, remember, rough patches happen, and if anyone tells you they don't then they're lying. Any strong, real relationship has been tested at one point or another.

9. You let yourself go. 

10. You've stopped with the romance, excitement, surprises, etc. One of my favorite quotes by Hemingway is: "When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead."

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