10 things we've learned from the bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, So far...

the bachelorette andi dorfman

1. Any interaction with someone can be your last: Andi had no clue contestant Eric Hill was going to pass away tragically after leaving the show. It goes to show you, any interaction with someone can be your last regardless of how important or unimportant they are in your life. It could be the clerk at a store, your mom, dad, boyfriend, or random girl in your yoga class...however it's important that each and every time you walk away from someone you are okay leaving on those terms. Although Andi could've never foreseen Eric's accident, I can imagine (regardless of what she says) she would've treated him with a little more respect on his way off the show if she would've known. 

2. It's okay to date 25 people at once: Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far...but the generic message stands true. When you're single and out there trying to find the one, screw what anyone else thinks. I think you can CASUALLY date as many people as you want. However, I have real world rules to apply to this circumstance. If you go on more than 2-3 dates with someone, you should not go on another one if either of you are seeing other people. Also, I do not condone being sexually active with multiple people at once, but having that said, eating dinner with a random guy on a Monday and grabbing drinks with that hottie from the gym on Thursday never killed anyone.. 

Disclaimer: let me clarify I am not saying it's okay to seriously date more than one person at at once. But if you're old enough to date, you're old enough to know that fine line between casually and seriously dating. 

3. We all say "stoppppppppp" way too much in normal conversations. I'm equally as guilty. Words such as "no way" "oh my gosh" "you're joking" "that's awesome/amazing/super cool, etc." still fully do the trick. 

4. While a blow out always looks nice and pretty on girls, the Sloan (from Entourage) pony tail will always be sexy. For those of you who never saw the show, it's a sleek pony tail while your hair is perfectly straight. 

5. There's a little bit of a jersey chaser in all of us. I'm looking at you Josh Murray...

6. Know how to dress for your body: Andi has an amazing body, and great style..luckily she knows how to combine the two. Even the thinnest of women don't know how to style their clothes to make their great features stand out. The thing I love about Andi is she'll dress sexy but never slutty. She would never wear the tightest mini dress that showed off her back, chest, butt, and legs all at once. You pick what you want to show off for the night and run with it. A long maxi with an open back is always her strong suit. 

7. You look super cool when  you aren't constantly talking about your ex. Andi has now been on a full season of the Bachelor and half a season of the Bachelorette and myself, along with the rest of America couldn't tell you who he is, his name, or why they broke up. She addresses it when people ask, but other than that she knows how to leave the past in the past. 

8. Always have a manicure and pedicure. And preferably they should be the same color. (Andi has that down cold). 

9.  When you know, you know.  She doesn't waste anyones time. 

10. It's always good to be a nice girl with a little bit of an edge. No one likes a push over or someone with no back bone. 

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