Texting 101

andi dorfman

1. If someone is on the fence on how they feel about you, using emojis, hashtags, exclamation points, or adding extra letters to wordssssssssss will make their decision very easy. Annoying tendencies like that make a slightly annoying person THAT much worse.

2. If someone isn't texting you back, I promise there's a reasons ranging all the way from their phone fell in a pool, all the way to they genuinely have no interest in talking to you. In 2014 I can promise you a text message will never, ever, ever get lost in space. Ever. If they haven't responded, let me spell it out for you…they…don't…want…to.

3. Incase #2 wasn't clear enough, follow up texting will never help your cause. Hey did you get my text?? Everything okay?? hello?? or just straight ?? marks. You're asking for that screen shot to be passed around that table at girls night out dinner.

4. Texting should go hand in hand with phone calls when you're pursuing someone. If there's just texts for more than 2 weeks start looking for that exit sign.

5. If someone uses exclamation marks with you that is it a good indication you are in the friends zone. Example: Everything is good, thanks!! Is a nice way to say I really want this conversation to end.

6. Know a pity text when you see one.

7. If you've sent more than two texts without getting a response, I don't care if you're calling to tell them their house is on fire..you cannot send a third text!

8. Not everyone texts how they talk. Don't read too much into an "ok" or "ha"

9. One word answers are never an invitation to continue a conversation or asking questions.

10. "Paragraphing" is the number one "don't" of texting. If you have to be "paragraphing" you should either be talking on the phone, or meeting up in person. If the other party won't agree to do either of those things, as hard as it may be, you must put your phone down and learn when to cut ties.

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