Summer checklist

Since the peak of summer has come and gone, I've decided to try to take advantage of the remaining days. The things I want to do aren't extravagant, and don't require a lot of planning. They are the "little things" that will help me savor the warmest, most beautiful months of the year in the city. Here are 10 things I've come up with so far. I encourage you to do the same!

1. Make S'mores (the real way...not in a microwave)

2. Host a BBQ

3. Volunteer at an animal shelter (Paws or The Anti Cruelty Society in Chicago) I want to spend the entire day walking all the dogs in the shelter.

4. Take walks after dinner every night of the week.

5. Make homemade lemonade. 

6. Ride a bike along Lakeshore Drive. 

7. Overdose on watermelon. 

8. Have a summer color on my nails every single week. 

9. Decorate our new place. 

10. Complete multiple DIY projects, try making every recipe I've been drooling over on pinterest, and have a homemade dessert ready to go in my kitchen for the remaining weeks of summer. 

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