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1. As Maria Menounos tells Health Magazine when it comes to dieting and health "think 75/25. Seventy-five percent of the time, choose healthy. Then you can play with the 25 percent." It is so critical to have a realistic approach you can maintain, rather than a crash diet that will work for a few months.

2. Foods that are the best for your skin: Yogurt and oatmeal (prevents wrinkles), Edamame (evens out skin tone), eliminate redness with green tea, and hydrate your skin by eating cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, and tomatoes. 

3. Switch from foundation to tinted moisturizer. You will instantly see a huge improvement in your complexion by allowing your skin to breath at all times.

4. The obsession with spin classes is happening for a reason. They are a full body work out, and the quickest cardio exercise to lose weight. Celebrities such as Whitney Port, Katie Holmes, and Mila Kunis do it religiously and it shows in their amazing figures. 

5. Yawning and cigarettes are the main cause of wrinkles near your mouth aka "laugh lines." When you need to yawn you can still fulfill the need while clenching your jaw so the skin isn't expanding as wide.

6. Remember you do not need to get your teeth professionally cleaned for them to look extra white. Simply put a little hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip and let it sit on your teeth for 30 seconds before brushing. (Do this a few times a week) It is organic and healthy! 

7.  Just because you're preggers doesn't mean you have to skip out on spray tans! The organic kind (East Bank Club has one of the best ones) is completely organic and natural. The ingredients are approved by any and every doctor... sugar, water, coffee beans. I asked the girl how your skin gets bronzed if it is "completely organic" and she explained it to be in the most simple matter. The sugar is what tans your skin. Think of an apple. When the sugar in the apple is exposed to the air it turns brown, just like your skin! 

8. Have "emergency snacks" pre made in your fridge. Whenever you're hungry, instead of grabbing chips or junk food, have ready to go snacks available. Keep celery and peanut butter, carrots and ranch, flour tortilla and organic cheese wraps, etc. ready to go at all times! (Even for those 2 am cravings)

9. The easiest way to lose weight is probably one of the simplest. WALKING. Walk to work, walk to the gym, walk to the grocery store, walk everywhere. It is the easiest and quickest way to burn calories without even realizing you're doing anything. 

10. Remind yourself why it is so important to look good, stay in shape, be thin, etc. You want to be healthy, and live as long as a life as possible. Whether it be you want to see your daughter walk down the aisle, be a young and healthy grandma, look great for a certain event, etc. Keep the big goals in mind, and the little daily things will fall in to place. 

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