10 qualities your boyfriend should have

josh murrary andi dorfman

1. He should be handy. You'd be surprised how many guys I know that can't change a tire, fix the TV, put together a dresser, or carry heavy things.

2. He knows the types of gifts to get you. He knows not to get you the kind of jewelry you will never wear, but knows you can never have too many bags or gift certificates to Lululemon.

3. He has your back to other people- even when you're completely wrong. (But of course yells at you later)

4. He stays calm when you're not. After all, a girl can't be in a relationship with someone who gets just as crazy as her.

5. He knows how to wear a hoodie, basketball shorts, and nikes on a Saturday. My biggest pet peeve is a guy who is always in questionably tight jeans, a button down, and rocking the perfect amount of hair product.

6. He will fight you on it, but somehow always sits through all 120 minutes of The Bachelor every Monday night.

7. He's terrified of losing you.

8. He's athletic, active, and can talk sports with the best of them.

9. He's not skinnier than you are.

10. He's not cheating on you, he would never cheat on you, and the thought of him cheating on you would never cross your mind because he's made you that secure.

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