End of summer

end of summer goals

1. Do some form of physical exercise 3-4 times a week. 

2. Eat healthier! It's funny because people assume when you're thin you can eat whatever you want. WRONG. My doctor actually yelled at me last year for having higher cholesterol levels than someone my age should have. I am going to start eating a lot healthier, and throw out all of the "junk" food I have in my apartment. This also includes cooking a lot more. I love going out to restaurants, but it's time I start saving that just for the weekends.

3. Work hard, play harder.

4. Not talk badly about other people. I want to try to be less judgmental of people- less judgmental of their decisions, values, morals, etc. Having said that, certain things deserve to be talked about, but I will make a conscious effort to be more selective about the things that do. 

5. Live in the moment. I'm probably more guilty of this than anyone. Considering the fact that my job is ran through my phone (emails, calls, social media, etc.)  and computer. I never really disconnect. I will be at dinner responding to work emails, or feel pressure to hit my quota of instagrams/tweets a month. I used to do something really strange in college, but I feel like I would benefit from trying it again at times. I would leave my phone at home when I would go out to dinner, to a movie, to the gym, etc. Granted, this is only safe if you are going to be with other people. It's relaxing and refreshing knowing that for those two hours no one can bother you, and you can completely focus on what's in front of you. As an alternative, I've also thought about getting a business and a personal phone. This way I could leave the business phone at home, and completely shut off for a period of time. 

6. Take more risks. 

7. Reach out to the 'friend that got away'. Dating all the way back to junior high and high school, I had some friendships fade for no reason whatsoever. Maybe it was because we became very different, or maybe it was just because both of us were lazy and didn't do what it would take to sustain a friendship in the high school or college years. While I may not be able to rekindle these friendships, I can at least reach out to them to let them know they crossed my mind.

8. Be charitable. I'm going to start volunteering at animal shelters in the city, and donate to homeless shelters. It really does feel good to help other people! Every little bit makes a difference.

9. Wake up earlier on the weekends. I feel as though I have let time FLY by. It's Monday, it's Friday. It's January, it's April. Although it's a good thing time is going fast, it's also kind of sad. I'm having so much fun in life, and I need to start appreciating it more. 

10. Make sure everyone knows exactly how I feel about them at all times. (unless I'm not your number one fan-I'll keep that to myself- okay and a few of my friends). But seriously, life is so short AND I know you've heard this before...but the rumors are true. You never know what can happen. Life can change at the drop of a hand, so appreciate everyone and everything, and make sure your loved ones know you love them. Not everyone assumes it.


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